Engaging with business experts


Get free from the daily frenzy and zoom in on entrepreneurial issues. This is the idea behind our Peer to Peer Sessions. During these interactive sessions, CEO's share their experiences with known entrepreneurial issues.

Attracting launching customers, funding and staff

Issues that all innovative businesses encounter, such as obtaining funding, attracting a launching customer or finding staff. Learning from each other is inspiring and reduces the risk of making common mistakes.

"Sharing experiences in an informal atmosphere makes sense. Everyone faces similar challenges. You can often make a choice only once."

Already twelve members of the Offshore Wind Community joined a Peer-2-Peer session. They enjoyed the setting where they can share experiences with other offshore wind entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have their roots in the most diverse sectors. 

"The added value of Peer-2-Peer session is that I can spar, share experiences and learn from other innovative entrepreneurs from the same perspective.”

Do you want to join the next Peer-2-Peer session? Please contact Martin Weissmann

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