Innovation Challenge

The goal of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge is to accelerate the innovation process by facilitating the cooperation between the Offshore Wind energy industry and students, start-ups and small medium enterprises, and to offer you a potential launching customer and run a pilot.

This edition the business partners are DWT, TKI Wind op Zee, Van Oord, Stichting de Noordzee and Natuur & Milieu.

When you apply and get selected, you will join and present your concept during the Masterclass on the 4th of November. During the competition process and the Bootcamp on the 19th of November you receive expert support from our business partners. The finalists will pitch their developed concept to their business partners during the Finals on the 9th of December.

During the challenge process from the end of August till the finals in December, students, engineers, SME’s and start-ups of the community are asked and supported to come up with innovative solutions ready to use within 6 months. It is targeted at innovations with the aim to work towards a business collaboration and run a pilot with the business partner.

Challenge 2: Optimize Pressure Control to reduce noise emissions at sea

Van Oord's challenge is to reduce noise emissions at sea during offshore piling by optimizing the pressure control of an air bubble screen, which is both robust and cost-effective. With a specific focus on the nozzles: "How can we control the size, amount and pressure of the bubbles by the design of the nozzles?"

Challenge 3: Design a sustainable construction for oyster populations in offshore wind farms

The challenge of the Stichting Noordzee and Natuur & Milieu, is to improve marine life by introducing oysters that reproduce and contribute to the development of new reefs. The aim of the challenge is: Make an optimal design to contain life oysters so that we can effectively introduce and increase flat oyster populations in offshore wind farms. There is no limit to the designs. The design should be resistant to forces present in the North Sea, giving oysters enough oxygen and food to survive and reproduce and should protect the oysters from being covered in sand. The design should also be easy to place and lift at sea, and be made out of material that withstands corrosion. 

Prize: what’s is in it for the participants?

The winners will have access to:

  • Coaching; Expert coaching and steering from the leading offshore wind Business Partners during Masterclass and Bootcamp
  • Possible Launching Customer; Access to Business Partner to demonstrate your innovation concept and run a pilot, and direct access to Offshore Wind Industry partners.
  • Publicity Support; support with raising awareness of innovation result and technology within the offshore wind sector. And a press articles in the Offshore Wind Mediachannels. 

Timeline Innovation Challenge 

  • Competition Opens: 26th of August  
  • Application deadline: 17th of October 
  • Masterclass: 4th of November, Buccaneer Delft
  • Bootcamp: 19th of November, Buccaneer Delft 
  • Technical Check: November 
  • Winners announced during Offshore Wind Innovators Event: 9th of December, De Oude Bibliotheek, Delft

Challenge Set-Up


The Offshore Wind Innovators business partners  will be contacted and requested to present a challenge that needs an innovative solution before the 22th of August.

Submission of challenge

SME’s and Start-Ups can hand in their proposals. There will be a fit for purpose scan by the organisation in order to pass for the masterclass. The proposals will be based on a fixed template including rules of the game. One important criteria to become part of the Masterclass: a design or concept for innovative product or idea that can be implemented and can be further developed in collaboration with the Business Partners to run a pilot with.


During the masterclass, the SME’s or startups will present their specific challenge to Business partners - first business meeting. The participants will have the possibility to challenge the Business Partners by asking questions and to better understand the real question which needs to be solved.

Out of these presentations and pitches a maximum of 5 participants per topic will be selected by the Business Partner who addressed the specific topic.


During the bootcamp - second business meeting, the selected participants will be supported by experts of the Business Partners and by independent experts. At the end of this boot camp a maximum of 2 participants per topic will be selected.

Innovation Check

We ask for a productsheet, folder, or ppt presentation.

Offshore Wind Innovators Finals – December 9

During the Innovation Finals all Business Partners and the top of the offshore wind industry will be invited to see the presentations. The participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas during the finals. At the end of the event the participants will have a 12 minutes pitch each for public and a jury. The jury will select a an winner.

Clarifications and enquiries

Any questions or requests should be sent to or

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