Innovation Challenge

Offshore Wind Innovators launches a new edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge. Start-ups and small businesses companies can apply for one of the challenges leading companies in offshore wind have formulated. 

Innovation is a crucial enterprise for companies to reduce costs and create new techniques. Therefore, we asked leading companies in the offshore wind sector to submit their current challenges via this Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges.

The goal of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge is to accelerate the innovation process by facilitating the cooperation between the Offshore Wind energy industry and students, start-ups and small medium enterprises, and to offer you a potential launching customer and run a pilot.

When you apply and get selected, you will join and present your concept during the Pitch and Ask Session. During the competition process and the Bootcamp you receive expert support from our business partners. The sponsor, in cooperation with the organising party, will check the technical and commercial viability in October. The finalists will pitch their developed concept to their business partners during the Finals. 

In collaboration with De Rijke Noordzee we present you two challenges.

Challenge: Efficient biodiversity monitoring

The goal of this challenge of De Rijke Noordzee is to find less expensive and more efficient ways of biodiversity monitoring in Offshore Wind Farms.

Challenge: The perfect biodegradable reef

The goals of this challenge of the Rijke Noordzee is to create the perfect artificial reef. The structure should not harm the environment and is preferably made from biodegradable or natural occurring materials.

Prize: what’s is in it for the participants?

The winners will have access to:

  • Coaching; Expert coaching and steering from the leading offshore wind Business Partners during Masterclass and Bootcamp
  • Possible Launching Customer; Access to Business Partner to demonstrate your innovation concept and run a pilot, and direct access to Offshore Wind Industry partners.
  • Publicity Support; support with raising awareness of innovation result and technology within the offshore wind sector. And a press articles in the Offshore Wind Mediachannels.
  • Test opportunity; TheWinners can win an opportunity to test their solutions in the Innovation Lab at Stichting Noordzeeboerderij!

Timeline Innovation Challenge 

  • Competition Opens: 28th of May 
  • Application deadline: 1th of September 
  • Pitch and Ask session: September
  • Bootcamp: November
  • Finals: 4 March 2021

Challenge Set-Up


The Offshore Wind Innovators business partners will be contacted and requested to present a challenge that needs an innovative solution.

Submission of challenge

Innovators like SME’s, Engineers and start-ups can develop solutions for the challenges. There will be a fit for purpose scan executed by the organisation in order to pass the Pitch & Ask session. The proposals will be based on a fixed template, including rules of the game. One important criterion to become part of the Pitch & Ask session is to create a design or prototype of an innovative product or idea that can be implemented within 8 months – demonstration type available  during the Finals. 

Pitch and Ask 

At the Pitch & Ask session, the sponsors, organisation and a select group of innovators are invited. During this day, the sponsors present their challenge to the innovators of this challenge. Thereafter, the innovators will have the possibility to challenge the sponsors by asking questions and to better understand the real question that needs to be solved. At the end of the Pitch & Ask session, each of the innovators presents their vision and draft solution on the selected topic to the sponsors. Out of these pitches, a maximum of 3 participants per challenge will be selected by the sponsor who addressed the specific topic. 


During Bootcamp, the selected participants/innovators will be supported by experts of the sponsors, additional independent experts and experts of the organising parties. During the Bootcamp, innovators, sponsors and experts will collaborate to find a solution for their challenge. Besides, a training program is facilitated, including innovation workshops and ‘how to present this on stage’ workshops. At the end of this Bootcamp, a maximum of 2 participants per topic will be selected, after having pitched their idea to a jury. 


During the Innovation Finals, all sponsors and the top of the offshore wind industry will be invited to see the presentations. The innovators will have the opportunity to present their ideas in a 10 minutes pitch for the public and a jury during the Finals. At the end of the event, the jury will select one winner.

There are multiple challenges, but only one overall winner is selected by the jury. However, other innovators and sponsors that are satisfied with the ‘losing’ innovations are encouraged to exchange contacts, start cooperation and further development of the innovation product.

Through a live stream with open access, you can be present during the entire event. All business partners and the top of the offshore wind Industry are invited to join this Innovation Event on Thursday 4 March 2021. Please register (free) here

Clarifications and enquiries

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