For entrepreneurs in the energy and offshore sector

Masterclass Finance

Every company needs financing to grow. The various sources of funding have their conditions, advantages and disadvantages. To get more insight into how and where to source financing for your innovation, the Finance Desk (“Financieringsloket”) of the Topsector Energie organizes a Masterclass Finance for SME entrepreneurs. Experts will share their experiences and give an update of financial instruments for entrepreneurs in the energy sector, both public and private.

Masterclass Finance is meant for small and medium-sized companies innovating in the energy transition. The group of companies that participate will vary from those who have just started developing their idea up to companies that are looking to scale up their business. During the Masterclass, entrepreneurs can orient themselves to learn and discuss what would be the most suitable investment instrument in their situation.

Experts from InvestNL, ROM’s (regional development agencies), Venture Capital, banking sector, crowdfunding, grant providers and business angels, will give a presentation about the possibilities they can offer and what type of finance instrument suits each innovation phase best.

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