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Masterclass Finance

Every company needs financing to grow. The various sources of funding have their own conditions, advantages and disadvantages.To get more insight in how and where to source financing for your innovation, InnovatieLink organises a Masterclass Finance. Experts will share their experiences and give an update of financial instruments for entrepreneurs in the energy sector, both public and private.

The Masterclass Finance is meant for small and medium-sized companies in the energy sector that just started with developing their idea up to companies that are looking to scale up their business. During the Masterclass, entrepreneurs can orient themselves to learn and discuss what would be the most suitable investment instrument in their situation. Experts from ROM’s (regional development companies), Venture Capital, bank, crowdfunding, subsidy and business angels will give a presentation about the possibilities they are offering and what type of finance instrument suits each innovation phase best.


On 19 september 2019, InnovatieLink will organise the next Masterclass Finance for startup and scaleup companies, involved in the Topsector Energie or otherwise active in the energy sector. 



15:00Welcome and introductionInnovatieLink - Martin Weissmann

15:20SubsidiesRVO - Martin Otten
15:40Regionale & Landelijke OntwikkelingsbedrijvenOOST NV - Freek Welling
  Invest-NL - Wilco Schoonderbeek
16:25Crowdfunding Symbid
16:40Business AngelsEnfuro - Erik Schut
17:00Venture CapitalForeward.ONE - Riemer Smink
17:20BanksRabobank - Niels Schoonen
17:35Announcement InvestorDayInnovatieLink - Martin Weissmann
17:45Drinks and buffet 



Buccaneer Delft
Paardenmarkt 1, Delft


The Masterclass will be held in Dutch.

Fully Booked!

The Masterclass Finance on September 19 is fully booked. If you are interested in participating in a following session, you can send an email to We will announce the date of the next Masterclass Finance as soon as possible.

You can also request information via if you have a specific financing question about energy innovations.

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