Entering a market full of opportunities

Market introduction

The offshore wind market is a relatively new and dynamic sector. Many companies active in this sector have their roots in other industries. Innovative companies that want to conquer a position in this market, need a clear picture of what they can expect. We therefore organize workshops in which the ins and outs of this particular market dynamics, the players and the value chain will be addressed.

The offshore wind sector is very young. It is probably fair to say that since 5 years ago the market reached some minimum scale where you can start to speak from a real (beginning) industry. However just 30% of the companies active in offshore wind exist shorter than 5 years. This means that there are many new entrants who are coming from another market. This influx is of new entrants is still continuing and even accelerating.

Insight provider

For example companies coming from the oil & gas, onshore wind or IT industry. For them it is is crucial to know how the market dynamics look like. What does it mean to be involved in a governmental influenced market? What kind of specific business risks are their? To whom do I adres my solutions? Do I go to the wind farm owner, the wind farm operation or a sub-contractor? Who are the market leading companies, who are the challengers?

Offshore Wind Innovators will act as insight provider with workshops or presentations at conferences and events or for in-house company sessions.

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