Your innovation in the spotlight


Brand awareness and visibility are essential elements for a successful business. We offer flexible and customized communications packages that allow innovative entrepreneurs access to media channels.


Channels such as online news sites, journals, social media, events and congresses, are indispensable for entrepreneurs to create awareness of their project and share the value with the world.


On our website, linkedIn pages and Twitter, we will publish news of our business partners and locations on a regular basis.

In our community, media partners Navingo and Yellow & Finch Publishers have committed to our objectives, making it easier to get access to their printed media Offshore Wind Magazine and Offshore Energy as well as their online news ( and social media.


In addition, our partners TKI Wind op Zee, NWEA and Buccaneer Delft organise events on a regular basis. We are introducing our innovative entrepreneurs to give a presentation about their projects. We will make an extra effort to give award nominated winning companies the floor at relevant seminars.


As a service to our community members, we offer the possibility to create more awareness by supporting editorial contributions, e.g. press releases or feature articles.

For more information, please contact Anouk Stortenbeker.

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