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Financial Services

The introduction of innovations in the offshore wind industry is often capital intensive. Offshore Wind Innovators and Business Angels Connect have developed a Financial Services Program to support the companies of our community. As a part of this service we present the Investors Day. 

Solid support from experts

The Financial Services include an intake meeting, feed back on the proposition and the business plan and advice on the presentation to private investors. As a next step, companies recieve support to meet investors. Part of this schedule is the Investors Day. During the Investors Day Business Angels as well as Venture Capitalists, ROM's and banks are approached to get acquainted with selected propositions of Offshore Wind Innovators in the Financial Services Program.

Business Angels Connect

Offshore Wind Innovators works closely with Business Angels Connect (BAC) which has a very experienced team of experts who guide entrepreneurs towards suitable equity, grants and credits from the government. BAC also has a large network of international business angels within its reach.

Are you interested?

If you are interested to step into the program please send an e-mail to Martin Weissmann ( You will receive a simple document to be filled in. After a first evaluation, we may ask you to send additional information to prepare the intake. Based on this, we determine whether an intake meeting is rosaceous. During the intake, we jointly determine the next steps towards financing your case and together we decide to continue or not. In this phase we propose an agreement for cooperation. Part of this agreement is a start fee of € 500 ex VAT to compensate initial costs. In the next steps we introduce your company to investors during a private investor meeting, e.g. the Investors Day. In addition we seek for suitable grants and financial schemes from the government to make your proposition even stronger. Finally we can deliver the neccessary legal an financial support to close the deal.

The first Investors Day is scheduled at Thursday June 21, 2018 

For more information, please contact Martin Weissmann, 

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