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The introduction of innovations in the offshore wind industry is often capital intensive. Therefore a Financial Services Program is developed to support the companies in the energy industry. As a part of this service we present the InvestorDay. 

Solid support from experts

For entrepreneurs in the energy sector who are looking for risk capital, InnovationLink organizes an InvestorDay in November 2019. Companies that pass the selection phase receive intensive guidance and can present themselves to a select group of private investors and public funds. For investors who want to invest in energy innovations, the InvestorsDay offers the opportunity to quickly and effectively find a suitable candidate.

The InvestorDay is explicitly intended for entrepreneurs from the energy sector who are looking for a capital injection in their company of € 100,000 - € 2 million.  

Entrepreneurs can register from 1 September to 15 October via the website of InnovatieLink. Investors are approached personally, but can also register via this website. 

The next InvestorDay is scheduled in November, 2019 

More information will be available soon.

For more information, please contact Martin Weissmann, 

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