Innovation advice and market introduction

1-on-1 Support

The community of Offshore Wind Innovators offers an Innovation Desk where members of the community can receive 1-on-1 innovation advice, can be introduced to relevant market parties or would like to be introduced to the offshore wind market.


In a one-on-one setting, SMEs and entrepreneurs get innovation advice from an Innovation Manager about their innovation strategy. Topics may vary from feedback on their business plan or strategic partnerships, to funding challenges for their innovation or on improvement of an effective marketing strategy.

The consultancy depends very much on the ‘innovation phase’ a company is in. For a successful innovation to be introduced to the market (or scaled-up), it is essential for a step-wise innovation strategy. The phases of innovation can be roughly distinguished from concept ideas, proof-of-principle, pilots, demonstration, market introduction and upscaling. Potential customers, investors or media partners are looking through these lenses when deciding to cooperate with you.


The success of an innovation is to a large extent dependent on establishing the right connections at the right time. Due to our extensive network and expertise, we are keenly aware of any issues that are urgent and the relevant contacts to get in touch with. Within the community, we can introduce SMEs to the right potential customers, investors, networks and media contacts. Please check the company site in the menu that shows all partners of the community including their core business and contact data.


The offshore wind market is a relatively new and dynamic sector. Innovative companies, coming from the oil & gas or IT industry for example, potentially want to conquer a position in this market. They need a clear picture of what they can expect. Therefore, we provide information on the offshore wind market in which market dynamics, leading players and value chains will be addressed. In addition, Offshore Wind Innovators will act as insight provider, giving presentations at conferences or in-house company sessions.


Would you like to make an appointment with the Innovation Desk or would like to know receive more information?


The Financing Desk of Topsector Energy helps entrepreneurs with issues regarding the financing of innovation. Finding funding for your innovation is often a challenging and lengthy process and not typically something you do every day. It is not always clear to entrepreneurs how the investment landscape looks like or what’s of investors’ interest when they assess your investment offer. Moreover, investors spend 100% of their time on the business of investing while it’s not your day to day activity. You, therefore can benefit from a financing expert as a sparring partner in your preparation.

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