Innovation Challenge 2020

In 2020 we presented two challenges. Start-ups and small businesses companies could apply for one of the challenges De Rijke Noordzee had formulated.

Challenge: Efficient biodiversity monitoring

The goal of this challenge of De Rijke Noordzee is to find less expensive and more efficient ways of biodiversity monitoring in Offshore Wind Farms.

Challenge: The perfect biodegradable reef

The goals of this challenge of the Rijke Noordzee is to create the
perfect artificial reef. The structure should not harm the environment and
is preferably made from biodegradable or
natural occurring materials.

Winner 2020

Winner Reefy will get to install their Biodegradable Reefstructure during a test pilot in The North Sea in 2021. Find out more.

Reefy sees marine infrastructure not as an individual component but as a part of the existing environment. They look to develop designs that enhance these qualities by harmonizing engineering and nature. Find out more about the winner Reefy.

The other finalists

During the 2020 Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge, ILVO has designed a strategy to better understand Environmental DNA (eDNA) patterns in the marine environment and has teamed up with companies and institutes experienced in robotics, to automatically and autonomously collect eDNA samples. Find out more about ILVO Flanders

Reef Systems is a young innovative company run by two ambitious and smart guys who care much for sealife. They created blocks that interlock like blocks of Lego for the bottom of the sea, which creates a save environment for fish and reefs to grow and expand. They are experimenting with different kind of materials to make the blocks biodegradable. Find out more about ReefSystems.

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