Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019

The Offshore Wind industry faces unique challenges. Due to large infrastructural developments large investments are needed and huge business opportunities are created for companies pioneering in the Offshore Wind Industry. Moreover
to make offshore wind even more affordable, reliable and sustainable, game changing innovations are necessary. Therefore we launch the second edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge. 

Call for Solutions for the Offshore Wind Challenges

Although the Netherlands is known for its strong innovation skills and knowledge and experience in the wind and offshore industry, it’s lacking its own innovation challenge.

That’s why Offshore Wind Innovators has taken the initiative in 2018 to launch the Offshore Wind Innovation Challengeto accelerate applied innovations in the offshore wind market. 

 "Every innovation starts with a challenge and that is where you come in!"

 This May 2019 the second edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges (OWIC) has kicked off. 

Last year, in only 6 months’ time, the first edition of the Challenge 2018 has led to various solutions.

What's in it for you?

The winners will have access to:

  • Coaching; Expert coaching and steering from the leading offshore wind Business Partners during Masterclass and Bootcamp
  • Possible Launching Customer; Access to Business Partner to demonstrate your innovation and direct access to Offshore Wind Industry partners.
  • Publicity Support; support with raising awareness of innovation result and technology within the offshore wind sector. And a press articles in the Offshore Wind Mediachannels. 

Four Innovations Challenges

Look down below for the four challenges and their application forms:

Challenge 1: Stress in bolted solutions

Deutsche Windtechnik is asking for a device or method to measure the present stress within the elongated bolt, without knowing the initial length of the bolt. The allowable stress is a design criteria and normally set as a certain amount of yield stress. The tool should be capable to determine the present stress.

Challenge 2: Protecting bolts and nuts against corrosion

Deutsche Windtechnik is looking for a tool or equipment with the following features:

  • Clean up a bolted connection as preparation for further application of any corrosion protection, but applied process has to ensure to reach required stage of preparation 
  • Apply corrosion protection in a subsequent step. 
  • Process has to ensure sufficient amount and coverage of protecting material.

Challenge 3: CO2 neutral shipping

This challenge of TKI Wind op Zee and TKI Maritiem aims to generate concepts for CO2 neutral shipping for offshore wind in the area of the CTVs or SOVs. We expect to see ideas for the development of these vessels that will be evaluated on CO2 footprint, cost, addressable market and time to market. 

Challenge 4: Reduce noise during piling

Van Oord is looking for robust and cost-effective solutions to reduce noise emissions at sea during offshore piling by optimizing the pressure control of the Big Bubble Curtain. 

OWIC 2019 - Challenge Set-Up

Preparation – April 

Offshore Wind Innovators Business Partners will be contacted and asked to present a challenge in need for an innovative solution. These challenges will be part of an invitation letter to innovative entrepreneurs of our Community.

Kick Off  day –  13th of May

The Business Partners will present their Challenges to our Community.

Submission of challenge – 4 weeks open call

Entrepreneurs can apply their proposals in a fixed format, including the rules of the game. The next step is a fit for purpose scan in order to continue to the Masterclass.

Phase 1: Masterclass – 12th of June during the WindDays

During the Masterclass, the Business partner will present their specific challenge to the selected entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs challenge the Business Partners asking questions in order to better understand the real problem to be solved.

Each participant gets the possibility to present his vision on a preferred topic to the Business Partner. Out of these presentations, the Business Partner who addressed the specific topic will select a maximum of 3 participants per topic to go to the Bootcamp.

Phase 2: Bootcamp – 13th of June 

During the Bootcamp the selected participants will be supported by the Business Partners and offshore energy experts. They will facilitate a training program and workshops in innovation and out-of-the-box solutions, and how to present them on stage. After having pitched their idea to a jury including their business partner, a maximum of 3 participants per topic will be selected.

Technical Check

Each participant needs to make its technical information available to the Business Partner for a technical and commercial due diligence. If the proposed solution passes this check, the participant will be invited to the final event.

Phase 3: Finals – Thursday 12th of September

All business partners and the top of the offshore wind Industry will be invited to join the Innovation Event. In addition to a poster presentation, the finalists will pitch their innovations for their Business Partner, jury and a public audience. 


o   Call Challenges open for Business Partners: April

o   Application deadline: June 10th

o   Masterclass: June 12th

o   Bootcamp: June 13th

o   Finals: 12th September

For questions and/or more information you can contact Erwin Coolen: 

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