Challenges that can use some disruption

Innovation Challenge

Large offshore wind companies face the task of carrying out their activities as efficiently and sustainable as possible. During an Innovation Challenge, a large company describes the recurrent issues they are facing and they challenge a selected group of innovative entrepreneurs to come up with solutions. The aim is to develop the most promising concepts in a joint project until they are ready to market. Date: June 14, 2017

Proven concept

Innovation Challenges are a proven concept to get into contact for out-of-the-box solution discovery. A well known Innovation Challenge format is organized as an "Open Innovation Contest". The 'problem' is published on the internet where startups and small companies can submit their concept idea for a solution before a fixed deadline. All solutions are reviewed and judged by a jury of experts from within the large company. A winner is selected and is awarded to cooperate together with the large company towards for example a pilot test. The types of innovations are more future oriented with a business implementing horizon of 2 to 6 years.


A second format of Innovation Challenges is organized in a more confidential and closed session. The large company formulates their problem and the managing organization will look for potential solution providers. Via workshops providing solution companies can present themselves and their solutions for the requesting company. The type of innovations are more acute business oriented and need to be implemented right away or within the next 2 years.

Our role

In both Innovation Challenge formats, Offshore Wind Innovators will take the role as organizer and facilitator for bringing the problem owner and solution provider together. 

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