Recognition for the pioneers

Innovation award 2019

A contest gives nominated or awarded entrepreneurs unprecedented opportunities for exposure. Therefore Offshore Wind Innovators organizes the Innovation Award 2019 for the most innovative SME company in offshore wind. This prize is awarded on the 11th of December 2019 in front of a live audience at the Qmeeting in cooperation with Van Oord en SiemensGamesa.

Innovative Power

The Offshore Wind Innovation Award is intended to raise awareness of the innovative power of this community. In addition, it creates media exposure for the finalists and winner(s) to potential customers and investors.

Who are eligible?

The award is intended for Dutch SME entrepreneurs of Offshore Wind Innovators. The award consists of a jury prize and a public prize.

The award includes:

  • Eternal fame of being the most innovative entrepreneur of the year
  • Media and PR exposure 
  • One-day workshop to tackle your next market introduction challenge
  • A statue of the award

The process

The organization will treat entries confidentially. From all submissions, the jury selects three nominees (finalists). The nominees are invited to pitch their innovation to the offshore wind sector at the Netherlands Offshore Wind Q-meeting on 11 December 2019 at Van Oord. After the presentation, the audience will decide who will receive the public award.

Separately, the jury announces who wins the jury prize. In addition to creating awareness for the top of the offshore wind industry, the finalists can count on the necessary publicity before and after the award ceremony.

The jury consists of representatives of:

  • The offshore wind industry
  • The financial sector
  • The research and development sector

The jury will review the entries on:

  • Motivation
  • Innovativeness – potential of setting a new market standard
  • Economic and social impact – cost effectiveness and overall sustainability
  • Feasibility and applicability – technical and market mainstream/ niche
  • Entrepreneurship


Companies can participate by completing and sending out an application form. Because some companies do not realize how innovative they are, third parties may also sign up for a company from the target group.

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