Introduction to business and innovation network


The success of an innovation is to a large extent dependent on establishing the right connections at the right time. Due to our extensive network and expertise, we are keenly aware of any issues that are urgent and who the relevant contacts to get in touch with. Within the community, we can introduce SMEs to the right clients, investors and media contacts.

Get connected!

A survey among innovative entrepreneurs in offshore wind points out that relevant introductions within the Community between SMEs and customers, financial institutions and media are on top of their wishlist. 

One source of information for self-help is to visit the company site in the menu. All partners of the community are shown in this overview, including their core business and contact data. Among the members of Offshore Wind Innovators are both SMEs and corporates, financial institutions and media to support them.

One on one conversation

In addition you can contact the community manager for specific questions.  With his experience and broad network Martin Weissmann is a sparring partner par excellence. He can help you finding the right type of finance, introduce you to launching customers, review new business ideas and coach during your innovation process. 

"Martin Weissmann has a lot of experience with business development at a technical company. We are a young company, so it was very valuable to consult and spar. Martin helped us to streamline our ideas" - Jelmer Jacobs, TWD

Curious how you can get connected to the right partner? Contact Martin Weissmann at

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