Working conference Topsector Energy 'the leap in scale for the energy transition'

NBC Congrescentrum, Blokhoeve 1, 3438 LC Nieuwegein

On Tuesday 23 November, the Topsector Energy organises its annual work conference. This year live again with an attractive plenary program and many parallel sessions on different topics. Because we want to meet again. Innovation also involves contact between people. Of course with the necessary precautions, as they will then apply.

And we're going to work together. Under the title 'the leap in scale for the energy transition'. Because the energy transition must accelerate. Innovation is indispensable for this. All signals are that, despite good intentions and many agreements, things need to go a bit further.

So it is a scale jump. From a heat pump in one house, to neighborhoods full of heat pumps, heat networks. Entire industrial clusters switching to hydrogen and electricity. Large investments that are sometimes quite exciting to make.

And jumping isn't always easy. Sometimes you 'jump' in the deep end or you don't know how you will land. That requires helping and supporting each other. Even if there is still a lot of uncertainty. Because a successful technical innovation also has a social, societal, legal and policy-related innovative context.

That is why in this working conference we will consider the role of innovation in this scale leap.

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Nov 23, 2021 — NBC Congrescentrum, Blokhoeve 1, 3438 LC Nieuwegein
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