Wind hubs highlighted: Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports

This year Offshore WIND Magazine will be looking at the offshore wind hub ports. These are ports that have either become newly established as offshore wind ports or existing ports already serving the industry that grown beyond most people’s expectations in the past seven years (source:

These hubs can be either a single port or a group of neighbouring ports able to provide the complete base support for range of services from project pre-construction surveys to wind farm operation and maintenance.

Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports

The Dutch port of IJmuiden already services three existing wind farms, Luchterduinen in operation since 2015, Princess Amalia Offshore Wind Farm since 2008, and the first offshore wind farm in the Netherlands’ sector Windpark Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) since 2007. These three wind farms have a total rated capacity of over 350MW. The port is well sited today for the future rounds of wind farm development in the Dutch sector. Their facilities are closer to both the Hollandse Kust Zuid zone (41 kilometres away) and the Hollandse Kust Noord zone (33 kilometres away) than the alternative ports of Rotterdam or Den Helder.

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