Watch ‘The Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2020’ finale live on March 4

On March 4, the finals of the fourth edition of ‘The Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge’ (OWIC) will be held at De Oude Bibliotheek in Delft. Via a live-stream starting at 14:30 CET, you will be able to see the announcement of the winner of the fourth OWIC, the pitches of the finalists and a presentation on the vision of partner De Rijke Noordzee.

Sustainability, affordability and reliability are key in the development of offshore wind in the Netherlands. Advancing and introduction of technical innovations in the offshore wind market are vital for a better position of offshore wind in the energy system, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Reefy, ReefSystems and ILVO Flanders are the competing finalists, they will pitch their solution for the Perfect Biodegradable Reef and Efficient Biodiversity Monitoring. An experienced Jury will determine the winning finalist.

  • Reefy aims to innovate in the blue economy market. Their main objective is to work towards a net-zero carbon footprint in production processes and bringing back lost reef ecosystems using nature as an inspiration.
  • ReefSystems created blocks that interlock (like pieces of Lego) for the seabed which creates a save environment for fish and reefs to grow and expand. They are experimenting with different kind of materials to make the blocks biodegradable.
  • ILVO Flanders believes that zero impact monitoring of marine life is the solution to understand and safeguard marine biodiversity, applicable in offshore wind farms.

Register here for the event and receive the link to the live-stream in your mail.

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