VBMS and Kintech Energy introduce resin-free hang-offs

VBMS and Kintech Energy Ltd. have jointly developed a resin-free hang-off solution for fixing and sealing subsea cables in offshore structures which could potentially be used on the Horns Rev 3 wind farm off Denmark.

VBMS describes the new product as ”a sustainable solution for fixing and sealing subsea cables in offshore structures by offering a hang-off that features fast (dis)assembly without the use of toxic resins.”

Until now, hang-offs were assembled using – often toxic – resin, which can be harmful to both human health and the environment, VBMS said.

With its resin-free hang-off, VBMS is said to offer a safe, rapid and reusable solution when, for example, demounting a cable from a monopile or jacket for replacement.

Arno van Poppel, Managing Director of VBMS, said: “As a total solution provider in the renewables sector, we continuously think of ways to improve safety and efficiency and to reduce the operational risk for our clients. For this latest innovation we have cooperated with our partner Kintech Energy Ltd., a start-up enterprise from the UK. We believe it is important to invest in new market entrants and stimulate innovation within the supply chain.”

Vattenfall Vindkraft A/S, the developer of the 407MW Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm, has shown interest and is currently exploring the options for using the resin-free hang-off on the project next year.

“Vattenfall is a true supporter of innovations that increase overall environment protection, safety and reduce risk. We are convinced that together with the supply chain we can set a higher standard in our industry,” said Horns Rev 3 Project Director Jens Hansen from Vattenfall.

In June 2016, Vattenfall awarded VBMS with a contract for the supply, installation, CPS, post-lay burial, termination and testing of the inter-array cables on the wind farm.

source: OffshoreWIND.biz, picture VMBS

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