Two offshore wind innovators listed in SME top 100

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has published its list of the hundred most innovative SMEs in the Netherlands. The list includes two innovative companies from the offshore wind industry: Offshore Wind Innovator partner Arvick, with its high- quality method of bolting and Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment with its modular cabling system for offshore wind farms.


Arvick combines advanced connections with ultrasonic bolt measurements.The ultrasonic measurements provide insight into the quality of the bolt connections. This is necessary because bolt connections must be solid but at the same time vulnerable. Bolts can break or break loose due to the tension of the bolt tension. The Arvick Method reduces the 'Total Cost of Ownership'. Throughout the life cycle, checks take place so that it is known how the bolt status is.


Hulst developed a Modular Cable System (MCS). Previously, the cables had to be rewound on a coil during transport from factory to final destination, thanks to this system, this is now minimized. Additionally, the transfer of the cable from basket to basket is also less necessary, which reduces the risk of damage.

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