​ TWD delivers jacket lifting tool

Temporary Works Design (TWD) successfully completed the turnkey delivery of a Jacket Lifting Tool to Van Oord.

Recently the first jacket foundation for the East Anglia One offshore wind farm was successfully installed. The heavy lift vessel Bokalift One transported two jacket foundations to the installation site.

The lightweight lifting tool of TWD was able to lift the 60m high jackets with ease and speeded up the installation sequence. The tool was officially handed over early February, fully load tested and certified.

According to TWD, the tool, helped speed up the installation sequence of the jacket foundations at the wind farm in the UK North Sea. The jacket lifting tool has a lifting capacity of over 1,000t while weighing just over 25 tonne itself. It is fully remotely controlled, thus the crew does not have to access the top of the jackets, the Dutch company said.

TWD said the tool is designed so it can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements, such as lifting capacity, tugger arrangements and survey equipment, and is also adaptable for different flange diameters since it will be used for future installation projects.

The vessel Bokalift 1 recently installed the first two jacket foundations at the East Anglia One offshore wind project some 45 km off Lowestoft. This 714 MW wind farm will comprise 102 7MW Siemens Gamesa turbines scheduled for full commissioning in 2020.

source: Ocean Energy Resources/OffshoreWIND.bix;, image source: Tobi O’Neill (Turner Iceni)

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