Tetrahedron winner Offshore Wind Innovators Awards 2020

Tetrahedron is the winner of both the jury and public award of the Offshore Wind Innovators Award 2020. With their innovation called Simply lifting high, the company convinced the jury and the audience that with their next-generation heavy-lift mechanism the current issue around the limited number of heavy lift vessels available in the offshore wind marketcan be tackled. The other nominees were SkyLab with IoT@Sea and Z-Bridge with their Bring-to-Work system.

Wilco Stavenuiter and Alexander Ronse of Tetrahedron

The Innovation Award is organized by the community of Offshore Wind Innovators with the purpose to create visibility of smart innovations by start-ups and SME companies. On March 30, the three nominees got the opportunity to pitch their innovation during TKI Wind op Zee LIVE. In their eyes, with 70% of the votes, the solution of Tetrahedron was the most innovative.

Earlier, an expert jury, consisting of David de Jager (GROW), Jasper Vis (TenneT) and Nick Stokman (Rockstart Energy Fund) discussed the innovations of the nominees and came to the same conclusion. They were impressed by the simple and new motion principle of the crane. As a result, the installations vessels lifetime could be extended and the need for investments in new ships could be avoided.

Start-up Tetrahedron: Simply lifting high

Tetrahedron crane

Tetrahedron has developed a next-generation heavy-lift mechanism. With Wind Turbine Generators getting bigger and bigger, new challenges for the wind installation industry have emerged. Tetrahedron is re-thinking heavy lifting by using a simple and new motion principle. Their innovation the need of building new and bigger vessels and with that reducing cost and increasing the availability of installation vessels.

Martin Weissmann of the Offshore Wind Innovators: ‘This years’ Innovators Award has demonstrated the continued flow of innovative ideas of young and ambitious start-ups to bring value to the market. They deserve all the support to develop their innovation and launching these refreshing concepts to the market.’

Wilco Stavenuiter and Alexander Ronse of Tetrahedron: ‘We are extremely happy to be this year’s winner of both Offshore Wind Innovators Awards. We believe we can bring the Tetrahedron crane to the market and the Awards help us to reach out to the offshore community, demonstrate our developments and give insight in the value of our innovation for potential customers.’

It was a close call. The offshore movie of Z-bridge was impressive and Skylab’s vision on IoT@Sea as well. So the other nominees got a lot of credits.

SkyLab: IoT@Sea

SkyLab: Interenet of Things Networks

SkyLab is a company leading in building Internet of Things Networks for Smart Cities, Industries, and Smart ports based on LoRaWAN networks. LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Low Power communications at which small wireless sensors can operate for many years and communicate securely and redundant over tens of kilometres. At this moment this global free IoT network is limited to the mainland and coastal areas. SkyLab has the great idea to expand this IoT network to the North Sea and connecting the dots between the UK and The Netherlands. This idea will be a great innovation for vessels, cargo, sea farming, environmental monitoring, buoys monitoring, rescue operations, platform, and wind farm monitoring. This network on the North Sea can be realized by SkyLab by installing LoRaWAN receivers at North Sea platforms and wind turbines for which SkyLab is looking for partners, funding and locations.

Z-Bridge: Bring-to-Work system

Z-Bridge: Bring-to-Work system

The Bring-to-Work (B2W) system is a cost-efficient motion compensated access solution applied at CTV’s and small ships. This system is the lightest system available in the market, can hoist 3 ton and is able to operate from LAT +10 up to 24 meters. The B2W system is designed, constructed and tested. The jury particularly appreciates is that - although the idea of motion compensated offshore access system is not new – the “Bring-to-Work systems” innovation is a good example of adapting proven technology used in an existing market into a new one.


Tetrahedron was awarded by Jasper Vis on behalf of the jury and Martin Weissmann (Offshore Wind Innovators). In addition to the valuable exposure during TKI Wind op Zee LIVE, all three nominees will receive a one-day workshop to facilitate market introduction and widespread media attention.

For more information, please contact Martin Weissmann.

Or have a look at the following websites: Tetrahedron, SkyLab, Z-Bridge.

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