Register today for the offshore wind innovators awards 2022!

Also this year the Offshore Wind Innovators Awards take place. A good moment to create media exposure to potential customers and investors.

The award consists of a jury award and a public award.

The jury members are representatives of:
- The offshore wind industry
- The financial sector
- The research and development sector

This years jury is represented by: Simon Watson (TU Delft), Suzanne van de Beek (Vattenfall) en Jakob Bergvelt (Green Giraffe). Want to know more about the jury? Check here.

The organization will treat entries confidentially. From all submissions, the jury selects three nominees. The nominees are invited to pitch their innovation to the offshore wind sector during the Q meeting. After the presentation, the audience will decide who will receive the public award.

Separately, the jury announces who wins the jury award. In addition to creating awareness for the top of the offshore wind industry, the nominees can count on the necessary publicity before and after the award ceremony.

The finals will take place during the famous Siemens Gamesa & van Oord Qmeeting on Januari 25.

Interested? Register below! You have till December 14

Register here to apply for the awards

Why should your innovation win the Innovation Award 2022? Try to be specific on the breakthrough/progress you have reached in 2022 (max 100 words).
What is the economic and/or social impact of your innovation (in terms of efficiency, cost savings, safety, ecology, etc.)?
What makes your innovation special compared to the existing market standard? Why is your product a game changer?
Do you have some evidence that it will work and that the market will use your application? And what is your revenue model? (= how do you earn money?)
How are you going to enroll your innovation and introduce or upscale it to the market?

Want to know more about the awards? Check here.

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