Structural support needed to take full advantage of innovative power offshore wind

Letter of intent of 100 innovative entrepreneurs emphasizes importance of community.

Amsterdam, November 30, 2018 - 100 innovative entrepreneurs in the offshore wind industry have expressed their support for Offshore Wind Innovators. This community enables entrepreneurs to face bottlenecks on the way to the market. This requires structural support from the sector and the government. Today, the package of support declarations, together with an appeal to embrace this initiative, is offered to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The Dutch government is strongly committed to the development of offshore wind farms in order to meet the climate objectives. Dutch innovative entrepreneurs can make an essential contribution to realize these ambitions. The offshore wind market, however, is capital intensive and it takes years before an innovation has found its way to the market. This explains why a small number of large companies dominate the market and there are relatively few startup companies compared to other top sectors. Because of these market conditions, innovative entrepreneurs have difficulty raising funds, finding a first customer and increasing their visibility.

That is why the Offshore Wind Innovators community was founded in June 2017. It has developed a tailored program for entrepreneurs to tackle these bottlenecks. Since the launch in June, 100 entrepreneurs have already endorsed the importance of this community for the sector and the innovative strength of the Netherlands.

"Offshore Wind Innovators would really appreciate it if the government and the sector would contribute to this community so that they can scale up the initiative and offer continuity", said Chris Bruijnes, director of InnovationLink, during the handover of the letters of intent to Sandor Gaastra of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. "We are happy to discuss this request."

Download here the official press release of Offshore Wind Innovators.

Download here the infographic with additional information about the Offshore Wind business.

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