Please meet Offshore Wind Innovators Challenge Finalist REEFSYSTEMS

Design solutions for the marine environment

Developing the best solution for the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2020 has led to multiple collaborations between ReefSystems and other organizations. It is very motivating and inspiring to meet people with different backgrounds, while working towards the same goal: how to develop the perfect biodegradable artificial reef to restore the health of marine ecosystems.

Reef Systems is a young innovative company run by two ambitious and smart guys who care much for sealife. They created blocks that interlock like blocks of Lego for the bottom of the sea, which creates a save environment for fish and reefs to grow and expand. They are experimenting with different kind of materials to make the blocks biodegradable.

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During the finals, all finanlists will present their solution for the following challenges:

- The Perfect Biodegradable Reef - Efficient Biodiversity Monitoring

An experienced Jury will choose one winner during the Finals of the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge on 4th of March 2021. (Please note: the date has been changed, previously this final was planned on the 28th of January 2021). There will be a livestream openly accessible during the entire event, starting 14:30 CET.

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