Please meet Offshore Wind Innovators Challenge Finalist ILVO Flanders

Creating a sustainable and non-destructive way to monitor marine biodiversity

Traditional monitoring largely impacts the marine environment by removing organisms from their habitat and by disturbing the seafloor. Many marine organisms release DNA molecules in the seawater (called environmental DNA) which can be used as a non-destructive source for species identification. During the 2020 Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge, ILVO has designed a strategy to better understand Environmental DNA (eDNA) patterns in the marine environment and has teamed up with companies and institutes experienced in robotics, to automatically and autonomously collect eDNA samples.

ILVO believes that zero impact monitoring of marine life is the solution to understand and safe guard marine biodiversity.

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During the finals, all finanlists will present their solution for the following challenges:

- The Perfect Biodegradable Reef
- Efficient Biodiversity Monitoring

An experienced Jury will choose one winner during the Finals of the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge on 4th of March 2021. (Please note: the date has been changed, previously this final was planned on the 28th of January 2021). There will be a livestream openly accessible during the entire event, starting 14:30 CET.

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