Opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs in INNOWWIDE

Are you an innovative SME entrepreneur and internationally active? Do you see opportunities to develop innovative technology with partners outside Europe, but do you want to investigate the technical and economic feasibility first? Then INNOWWIDE might be something for you. The first call opens on 1 April 2019 and closes on 31 May 2019.

INNOWWIDE is a project under Horizon 2020 with 11 European partners, including the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl), to stimulate European SMEs in internationalization.

In INNOWWIDE you can carry out a 'Viability Assessment Project' (VAP) for investigating the technical feasibility. It also offers opportunities to look at the right business model or investigate the legal aspects.

INNOWWIDE is a tender in which an advisory committee selects the most promising projects. It’s open to European SMEs that want to set up R&D cooperation with a partner outside of Europe. This concerns projects with a potential major impact on the market.


The budget is € 3 million. A fixed grant of € 60,000 applies to each project. The minimum project size is € 86,000. A partner outside of Europe is funded as a subcontractor.


INNOWWIDE is open to all technology areas. The advisory committee assesses projects on:

  • impact
  • excellence
  • quality and efficiency of implementation

Check the INNOWWIDE website for information and applications.

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