Offshore Wind Innovators welcomes Monobase Wind as 60th member

Just one month after the launch of the Offshorre Wind Innovators Community, already more than 60 members signed in. Monobase Wind was registered as 60th member and will be highlighted on our website during the next weeks. Monobase Wind is a provider of alternative monobased foundation technology to support the next generation wind turbines of all scales.

Offshore Wind Innovators was established to support innovative entrepreneurs in responding to the challenges they face when introducing innovations in this dynamic market. In addition to SME entrepreneurs, large offshore companies, financial institutions and facilitating locations can also sign in to indicate they are actively committed to eliminating these bottlenecks. The products Offshore Wind Innovators offers include an Investor Day, an Innovation Award and Peer to Peer sessions.

When you want to join Offshore WInd Innovators, please contact Martin Weissmann,, +31 (0)6 23 72 13 35, or

Interested in who has joined Offshore Wind Innovators? Take a look at our company page where all members of our community are available.

(image: Monobase Wind)

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