Offshore WIND Conference: opportunities over the next ten years

10/9/2017 — 10/10/2017

The 8th annual Offshore WIND Conference (OWC) on 9 and 10 October 2017, part of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, will focus on the opportunities for the offshore wind sector over the next ten years and beyond. 

What will upcoming tenders offer the supply chain (short term)? What are the trends and opportunities after 2023? While also tackling subtopics such as cost reduction, innovations, subsidy and cooperation with the oil and gas industries.

Program day 1:

Opening: Can electricity marketcannibalisation be cured? A renewable generation is on the rise. Market demand is met as the wind will always continue to blow. Yet, with market prices falling is the offshore wind industry set to get caught in cannibalising its own investment? A kick-off to show the bigger picture within the industry.

The road up to 2023 How can the industry prepare for the long-term? Which steps will need to be taken to ensure future demand, regulations and energy agreements? This session will also focus on human capital issues.

Trial and triumph in bidding systems Tenders and bidding are hot topics in the industry. The Netherlands have presented a solid case and many countries stand to follow suit. Where lie the challenges? Can cost reduction be met by taking important technological steps. What works in other countries? Questions to be answered in an interesting panel discussion.

Upcoming talent A well-functioning industry requires not only experienced personnel, but also new, young blood – full of challenging ideas and innovations. Four short presentations will be held by students.

Program day 2:

Future forecast: reading the map What is the road for 2023 up to 2050 and beyond? Can the industry turn agreements into reality? Leading players from the industry offer their forecasts.

Oil, gas and wind: friend or foe What will change in the cooperation between oil, gas and offshore wind in this new energy paradigm. More importantly, what’s in it for wind?

Space meets wind Space technology meets offshore wind: how can these two industries work together to improve future offshore wind farms and applications?

Closing statement A wrap-up of the past two days offering reflection and food for thought.


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