Offshore WIND and DOB Academy to launch HORIZONS – video insight for the Industry

To bring the industry easily digestible, in-depth and on-topic market information Offshore WIND and the DOB-Academy have started to co-produce HORIZONS.

These are two minute (tops) animated explanation videos on various topics like technology, market developments or finance. Offshore WIND and DOB-Academy strive to bring overview in this fast paced and growing industry. Follow this link for the first edition.

Offshore WIND is a communications platform that serves the industry with news, knowledge and networking. Next to, Offshore WIND publishes and produces Offshore WIND Magazine, Offshore WIND International Business Guide, Offshore WIND Vessel Directory and Offshore WIND Conference (as part of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference).

The Offshore WIND products are created and produced by the Navingo Media Group. Navingo offers a worldwide cross-media platform for the maritime and offshore industry and easily reaches over 1,5 million professionals.

DOB-Academy offers offshore energy education for professionals. The courses range from basic to advanced level and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. In addition, seminars focus on knowledge exchange.

Furthermore, DOB-Academy offers the possibility to host and cater offshore events in well-equipped conference rooms. The historic building also includes an in-house studio where high-quality videos are designed and produced for educational and promotional purposes in the offshore industry.

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