Offshore Seminar: listen to the stories of finalists Offshore WInd Innovation Award


The Offshore Seminar brings together leading energy developers, united in their commitment to securing clean, economical energy for the future.

As the world strives to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels, how can the experience of oil and gas companies drive innovation and make alternative energy sources more credible and efficient?
Find out by attending the Offshore Seminar, where shared insight and expertise combine with the latest ideas and technological initiatives.

ECE Offshore: OASYS - acoustic offshore system

OASYS Cable is a cable monitoring system that is attached to the cable laying ship. It real-time detects the cable geometry and cable integrity. In addition, the landing site of the cable can be compared with the planned position.

Next Ocean: Wave Predictor

The Wave Predictor predicts when and where high waves occur. This allows offshore operators to choose an optimal period to carry out work instead of waiting for better conditions or hoping for the best.

Jules Dock: lightweight composite masts

Composite masts for the offshore wind industry offer a lightweight solution for large and heavy constructions. In a 10 MW wind turbine, 240 tons of steel is no longer needed.

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