Offshore Center Maasvlakte 2: new land for wind farms at sea

The Rotterdam port creates space for an offshore center for wind energy at sea, decommissioning of oil and gas platforms and the oil and gas market at Maasvlakte 2 in the Princess Alexiahaven.

A new harbor area of up to 70 hectares will be sprayed. There is already very real interest in business for this center. The Port Authority expects the first companies to settle here within 2 years.

The establishment of the first offshore center in Europe fits into the Port Authority's policy to further develop the highly developed Rotterdam cluster of companies in the offshore and maritime sectors.

The Offshore Center Maasvlakte 2 (OCMV2) is located in the Princess Alexiahaven against the sea wall at the level of the Pioneer Spirit. It will be a center where top companies work together in the offshore wind, decommissioning and oil & gas markets with activities like construction, assembly, heavy lift, logistics and (de) mobilizations. Both opportunities in the field of offshore wind farms and decommissioning are the best opportunities in the coming years. Through the OCMV2 the port can now respond promptly and bind the expected growth in the offshore at Rotterdam.

The intention is that in the course of 2019 the first companies will be operational on OCMV2. The Center can be expanded with another 40 hectares and 1,000 meters of cemeteries.

Source: Windenergie Courant

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