Northsea Offshore

Den Helder

On June 7, the Port of Den Helder, Den Helder Airport, HSV and Development Agency NHN organise Nordsea Offshore. Navingo produces the event.

North Sea Offshore is the event to visit for companies in the Dutch oil, gas and wind industries. Key figures from the sector will be there to share their insights in topical keynote speeches. During the morning programme, innovative companies will be showcasing their bold choices and leading ideas in company presentations. North Sea Offshore is bringing international companies and more than 300 professionals from the marine, maritime and offshore sectors to Den Helder to network and exchange knowledge. They include the decision-makers and influencers from the biggest and most prominent parties in the offshore industry. There will be plenty of opportunity to network during the lunch, coffee break and over drinks at the end of the event.


During the morning program, interested parties can participate in company visits organised by various organisation from the region. After lunch, key players from the industry will share their knowledge during topical keynotes in the plenary afternoon program. The day will be concluded with networking drinks.

Important: The program of North Sea Offshore in 2018 will be in Dutch!

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Jun 7, 2018 — Den Helder
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