Much interest in Dong’s Borssele wind farm story

Over 180 entrepreneurs attended the Energy Port Zealand meeting, where they were informed by Dong Energy about the actual state of the art around the offshore wind project Borssele 1 and 2.

The construction of this wind farm, but also the maintenance offers many opportunities for Dutch companies. Many companies in and around the Zeeland ports have already acquired the necessary knowledge and experience at the parks built in recent years in the North Sea. Also companies without direct experience in building wind farms were interested in Dong Energy's story. For the Maintenance of a wind farm at sea, it is necessary to maintain an operation and maintenance base. The Danish energy supplier has recently announced that this O & M base is being built in Vlissingen. The base will be built already, as it is also will be used during construction of the park.

Read here the full press release (in Dutch)

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