MO4 Acquires BMO

MO4 and BMO recently signed a acquisition deal. A strategic acquisition that enables MO4 to become a one-stop-shop for marine operational excellence.

The acquisition of BMO has been the result of fruitful cooperation between the two companies in recent times and a clear demand from the market. Windfarm owners and vessel operators are pushing the digitization of the industry to allow for higher efficiency and improved safety performance while attributing to a sustainable future. It is clear that combining MO4’s knowledge of operational forecasting with BMO’s data acquisition and data analytics is the way forward.

Their vision is to become the standard for offshore operational intelligence, from the planning through execution to the implementation of lessons learned.

MO4 was founded in early 2018 and provides operational digital twins of ships, used for managing weather risk. Our clients use our solutions to streamline their operations in terms of workability, CO2 footprint and safety. MO4s digital twins can forecast the dynamic response of a ship more than a week in advance, allowing critical decisions to be made in terms of routing, changing heading, remaining in port, and more. Our digital twins can be accessed in a web application, on board as a standalone, or through a webservice API.

BMO is synonymous with offshore vessel performance analytics in the offshore wind industry. As the developers of the CTV transfer score system and the Argus SOV operations analytics platform, BMO leverages a fundamental understanding of marine operations to turn data into actionable insights.

Mark Paalvast, Technology Director of MO4 We’re very excited about joining forces with BMO. We have focused in the past years on developing technology that enables weather risk planning to the offshore industry with unprecedented accuracy, using our digital twins. However, in order to provide the full picture for our clients, we also need to look at the realized performance of the vessel. This is precisely the technology that BMO has built and tailored over the years for the offshore wind maintenance industry (the smaller CTVs and their larger SOV counterparts). Solutions like daily progress reports and an online dashboard that yields business intelligence, to asset owners and their clients, will be integrated into one product. We will be working jointly on developing solutions that provide these services for other segments of the market. For us it was absolutely a no-brainer to join forces.


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