Meet Award Finalist SpectX

SpectX is committed to building an aerial radiography system capable of detecting internal structural defects in real-time through AI approaches which can be used for inspections of wind turbine blades & tower structures.

SpectX is one of the finalists of the Offshore Wind Innovators Award. The award for the most appealing offshore wind innovation of 2021.

SpectX is currently developing a non-destructive inspection technique for wind turbines that uses drones to detect internal structural damage in the composite material itself. The crux of this innovation lies in the use of multiple synchronized drones that detect defects with digital radiography. These drones are synchronized to the millimetre. The portable digital radiography system consists of the combination of an X-ray source (X-ray) mounted on one drone and a digital detector on the other drone. The precise positioning and synchronization are based on GPS and LiDAR techniques and a dynamic reference beacon.

SpectX makes the dangerous, time-consuming and expensive inspection work of technicians on ropes superfluous. Although the drones that have been used for inspections so far are fast, they can only detect damage on the outside. The SpectX system can detect defects that are not visible from the outside. It is precisely these invisible defects in the material itself that are the main cause of long-term failure.

The nominees are invited to pitch their innovation to the offshore wind sector during the hybrid TKI Wind op Zee LIVE event on 22 March, 2022. After the presentation, the audience will decide who will receive the public award. Separately, the jury announces who wins the jury award.

The other nominees are: Jungle and GBM Works

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