Meet Award Finalist Jungle

Jungle builds industry-specific predictive software solutions. Their solution can be used to optimize wind turbine performance and is called Canopy.

Jungle is one of the finalists of the Offshore Wind Innovators Award. The award for the most appealing offshore wind innovation of 2021.

AI technology helps to improve machinery performance. Canopy’s AI uses historical data to learn how machines function under all operating conditions. They are deployed in various industries, helping to detect failures ahead of time, reduce machine downtime and increase performance. It is a whole new way of looking at wind asset's health and performance

The nominees are invited to pitch their innovation to the offshore wind sector during the hybrid TKI Wind op Zee LIVE event on 22 March, 2022. After the presentation, the audience will decide who will receive the public award. Separately, the jury announces who wins the jury award.

The other nominees are: GBM Works and SpectX

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