Masterclass Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2019

The masterclass of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge was a success . The masterclass was attended by 8 companies and start-ups, totalling to 20 participants, on Monday November 4th.

After the kick-off by Erwin Coolen the teams gave their pitches to the business partners. Both the representatives of Van Oord and De Rijke Noordzee were impressed with the variety and the quality of the innovative solutions the teams presented.

The goal of the Masterclass is to clarify for the participants what the exact details are of the challenges, put forward by the business partners, and how they can appeal to these with their ideas or innovations. The business partners, on their turn, have asked the participants how they help them in the further development of their ideas. This was done to help the candidates to deliver a finalised product in the next phase, which can than be judged by the jury.

Proposed solutions

Overall, the business partners were pleased with the proposed solutions and approaches of the candidates.

The ideas of the different candidates by the Van Oord challenge varied from an almost final solution to an allround theoretical solution with an interesting research proposition.

For De Rijke Noordzee challenge it was most notable that almost all the candidates had experience in the production of sustainable reefs, which most impressed the business partner. All candidates also had a clear vision on how to produce the oyster cages with a low carbon footprint, which was a very positive addition to the goal of the specific challenge.


Anyone who is curious about the outcome of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge is welcome on December 9 from 15:00 at De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy), Raam 180 in Delft.

You can register here for the event.

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