MARIN to continue free test time for maritime SMEs

In recent years, MARIN has offered maritime SMEs free time to test their innovative ideas. Because of the success, MARIN offers the same opportunity again for 2018.

The offer is intended for SMEs who want to explore a new maritime concept: to see if it works, to improve it or to demonstrate it. With this initiative, MARIN wants to help Dutch SMEs make an important step in the development of their innovation. Companies can apply until until 31 December 2017.

The potential projects are diverse: from floating wind turbines and solar panels to large kites for the generation of wind energy. In 2017, the free testing time was offered to Tocardo, Ampyx Power, Aurelia BV, Oceans of Energy and Blue21.

The five newly selected projects for 2018 will take two weeks (including preparation and testing time) in the MARIN Concept Basin or the MARIN Shallow Water Basin. These two weeks include an qualified engineer, who operates the systems and supports the clients to perform the trials. A preparatory day for substantive consultation with an experienced MARIN Project Manager and a MARIN Project Engineer is included as well. Together they discuss the concept, the best approach to the tests and the required support by MARIN.

The total offer of MARIN is roughly 40,000 Euro worth per project. Customers can bring their own models and assist themselves in the trial. MARIN can also make the models, and will charge for it. The same goes for analysis and reporting by MARIN. Experience from previous years learns that participants themselves invest around 20,000-30,000 Euro in these trials.

Everything is confidential and the knowledge gained during the tests is entirely of the SMEs themselves. Interested companies can sign up with the application form with a description of their concept and the tests they would like to perform. The deadline is 31 December 2017. MARIN itself selects the most innovative and promising projects from the entries.

Click here for the application form.

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