MARIN and Deltares test transport and installation of gravity-based structures

Dutch research institutes MARIN and Deltares have completed a test campaign focused on the transport and installation of gravity-based structures (GBS) as part of the GBS WIND Joint Industry Project (JIP) launched in March 2017.

The two research institutes carried out the campaign to get a deeper insight into the motions of a gravity-based structure during transport and installation, which have not been well captured by standard design methods. In particular the nonlinear, viscous effects such as Vortex Induced Motion (VIM) and galloping have not been accurately computed, according to the researchers.

During more than 14 weeks of testing, MARIN and Deltares were using three model basins and were able to consider the full operation from port to fully ballast on the seabed.

“We have created a truly unique dataset which has given us a better understating of the dynamic behaviour of gravity based structures during transportation and installation. We have been able to investigate phenomena such as VIM during installation and to improve our numerical models. Previously this has not been possible to this level of detail,” said Dr. Bo Terp Paulsen, project manager Deltares.

During the project’s next phase, improved numerical models will be used to drive the simulators at MARIN and tug captains will be able to practice critical moments of the transportation and installation phases, giving valuable feedback to the engineers and designers who can then optimise future foundations for stability and safe marine operations.

Source:, image: Marin/Deltares

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