Map of Maasvlakte 2 Offshore Wind Test & Demo Facilities

The Rotterdam Maasvlakte 2 offers space for test and demo facilities for offshore wind. Where are all these facilities located and what do they offer? The municipality of Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, InnovationQuarter and TKI Wind op Zee have taken the initiative for a map of all the test and demo facilitiets at Maasvlakte 2. 

The infographic provides insight into all that Maasvlakte 2 has to offer. There are possibilities on land, in the air and in/on the water. Thanks to its location, there is a lot of wind. In addition, this part of the port of Rotterdam consists of North Sea sand and has an offshore well of more than 25 meters deep.

Onshore: Piling techniques

A large surface area is available for testing piling and installation techniques Thanks to the North Sea sand, the conditions are comparable to those at sea. The sites are accessible via road and water.

Water: Cable laying and anchor tests

the port of Rotterdam offers clear water, little to no waves and a limited flow. There are short stay and long stay locations and the offshore well is more than 25 meters deep. The water is suitable for, among other things, anchor tests and cable laying systems.

Air: Turbine & drone testing

For turbine testing, drone testing or testing new forms of energy generation, large areas are available. The conditions are comparable to those at sea, thanks to wind and salt.

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You can also contact Edward Gilding, Senior Business Developer of Innovation Quarter, +31 6 1222 7164 / or Twan Romeijn, of the port of Rotterdam,

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