Kick-off 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge

Our society is facing extraordinary times, in which we all feel the effects of covid-19. For some, work orders are postponed, and innovations are not integrated in the market. Therefore, Offshore Wind Innovators offers, in close cooperation with TKI Wind op Zee and ECHT, innovative entrepreneurs a solution with the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.

Innovation is a crucial enterprise for companies to reduce costs and create new techniques. This year DeRijkeNoordzee submitted two of their current challenges to the market via the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge:

  • Less expensive and more efficient ways of biodiversity monitoring in Offshore Wind Farms
  • A new artificial reef structure for more species, preferably made from biodegradable or natural occurring materials

From May 28 until September 1, entrepreneurs can apply for the challenges by presenting either a concept or a proved solution. Over the course of September to November 2020 the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to cooperate with experts of DeRijkeNoordzee and TKI Wind Op Zee in two plenary sessions to shape their innovative solutions. The finalists may pitch their developed concept to a broad audience during the Finals in January 2021.


The participants will be able to create brand awareness and visibility of their innovations in the offshore wind community. In addition, they will get expert coaching and collaboration with leading offshore wind companies that could function as a launching customer. The first three editions of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge led to partnerships between innovators and the leading companies in 75% of the cases.

Click here for more information about the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges.

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