Jules Dock wins iSea Match of the Concepts 2018 with C-tower

Jules Dock has won the iSea Match of the Concepts 2018. During the Innovation Expo the innovation competition took place for young entrepreneurs with sustainable ideas for the North Sea. The innovative C-Tower from Jules Dock received the first prize. In 2017 Jules Dock also won the Innovation Award of Offshore Wind Innovators!

Their C-Tower is a mast for composite wind turbines. The flexible properties of this design ensure that the construction of the turbine can be reduced by about 50 percent, which also makes the foundation 25 percent lighter. Together, this material adjustment results in considerable cost savings and the installation of lighter parts becomes cheaper. Finally, the reduction of steel results in a smaller carbon footprint.

C-Tower is an idea of the company Jules Dock and was pitted by project leader Jelmer de Lange. The jury awarded the idea with the innovation voucher worth 10,000 euros, to be spent at one of the knowledge institutes. In addition, C-Tower also received the most votes from the audience and that earned him an honorable audience award.

In total, 8 young entrepreneurs at iSea Match of the Concepts 2018 were given the opportunity to pitch their idea for a more sustainable use of the North Sea for an expert jury. In addition to an innovation voucher and public award, an incentive prize was also awarded.

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