Inspiring meeting between energy entrepreneurs and investors during InvestorDay

On November 21, InnovatieLink successfully brought innovative entrepreneurs in the energy sector in contact with investors. Six companies were selected for corporate finance for this InvestorDay. There were around 25 investors in the room who showed a lot of interest. Serious follow-up agreements have been made.

The six companies that presented themselves focus on innovations in wind turbine technology, battery energy storage and peak shaving, energy improvement of glass buildings, inspections of wind turbine blades and solar power generation. The companies ranged from startups that are still heavily involved in technology development and are looking for financing, to parties with a positive cash flow that need financing for upscaling and internationalization. Their financing requirement is between € 300,000 and € 2,000,000.

New circle of investors

"For us it was the first time that we went out for this round of financing, so it is always exciting who is in the room," said one of the participating entrepreneurs. “I have talked with investors before but I only knew a few investors. So for me this was also the opportunity to present ourselves to a new circle of investors. A number of them have indicated that they want to talk to us. Let’s see! "

Fascinating mix of companies

The investors consisted of Business Angels, Venture Capital companies, Regional Development Companies and InvestNL. "It was very interesting because of the fascinating mix of companies, some of which I didn't know yet," said one of them. “During an InvestorDay you can see from those I already knew that they have taken steps forward. ”I will definitely follow up with some companies."

Financing bottleneck innovation

The InvestorDay concept is as simple as it sounds. Entrepreneurs looking for risk financing apply, InnovationLink gives them a stage and invites investors with an interest in sustainable energy propositions. "Bringing supply and demand together, that's what it's all about," says Martin Weissmann of InnovatienLink. “Financing innovation - certainly in the energy field - is still bottleneck number 1 for entrepreneurs. With the help of the large Top Sector Energy network we create awareness for innovations that are sometimes less visible to investors, are we helping to speed up the energy transition and innovative companies with their valorisation. "

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