Innovation testing site off the coast of The Hague

Off the coast of The Hague, just outside the harbor of Scheveningen, comes an advanced test area of 10 x 10 nautical miles (18 x 18 km). Companies, universities, SME entrepreneurs and startups can test and demonstrate innovations in the open sea in this area.

The objective is to involve as many SME entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions as possible to realize concrete innovations in this experimental garden and accelerate market introduction, e.g. buoys with sensors with which ships are observed, measurements of the wind, the current and waves. The data is sent to the shore in real time and processed.

Over fifteen companies have already the intention to use the area, in close cooperation with students and researchers from knowledge institutions, governments, potential customers and end-users.

Subsidy for new projects

An incentive scheme of €375,000 in total will be introduced for startups and SME entrepreneurs. The testing site will be opened after the summer of 2018. The total project has a duration of four years and costs 4.3 million euros. The European Union contributes 1.7 million euros.

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