Innovation Challenge - Update

News: Winners can win an opportunity to test their innovation

The winners of the 4th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge will have the opportunity to test their solutions in the Innovation Lab at Stichting Noordzeeboerderij! The Innovation Lab of De Rijke Noordzee can be used as launching project to test the winning solutions for further development.

Recap: The Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges 2020

In the newest edition of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge start-ups, small businesses companies and research organisations are invited to apply for (one of) the two challenges of de Rijke Noordzee.

  • Less expensive and more efficient ways of (biodiversity) monitoring in Offshore Wind Farms;
  • A new artificial reef structure for multiple species, preferably made from biodegradable or natural occurring materials.


From May 28th until September 1st, entrepreneurs can apply for the challenges by presenting either a concept or a proved solution. The finalists may pitch their developed concept to a broad audience during the finals in January 2021.

Reminder: 1 September 2020: Application deadline Innovation Challenge

👉🏻 Can you solve (one of) these challenges? And are you looking for exposure to your innovative ideas, test your innovation in the Innovation Lab and willing to cooperate further with De Rijke Noordzee?

Please do submit your solution before the first of September!


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