Finalists of the Innovation Challenge: ILVO Flanders, Reefsystems and Reefy!

The community of Offshore Wind Innovators, TKI Wind op Zee and De Rijke Noordzee are very excited to announce the finalists for this year's Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge: 

  • ILVO Flanders
  • Reefsystems
  • Reefy

Throughout the challenge, we were very impressed by their ambition, innovative ideas and individual progress. All finalists have excellent potential solutions regarding the Innovation Challenges of "The Perfect Biodegradable Reef" or "Efficient Biodiversity Monitoring". After the Finals, the finalists will discuss possible implementation of their innovation in the Offshore Innovation Lab.

The Finals will be held in real-life for the finalists and partners at DOB-Academy in Delft. The finalists will pitch their innovations for a jury and a public audience. The experienced jury will choose the winner. At the end the winners of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge will be revealed!

Through a live stream with open access, you can be present during the entire event. All business partners and the top of the offshore wind Industry are invited to join this Innovation Event on Thursday 4 March 2021 (Please note: the date has been changed, previously this final was planned on the 28th of January 2021). Please register (free) here

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