Innovation Brokers to support innovative entrepreneurs

As of September 1, small innovative entrepreneurs in offshore wind can apply for hiring an innovation broker. SMEs can ask TKI Wind op Zee to get 50% of the broker's costs up to a maximum fee of 10,000 euros.

An 'innovation broker' can guide you as a small business entrepreneur at:

  • Making innovations ready for market introduction
  • Determining the value proposition and the business model
  • Making the business case and financing proposals for market introduction
  • Finding the right cooperation partners
  • Establishing consortia and partnerships with other companies and / or knowledge institutions.

If you meet the preconditions, up to 50% of the costs of an 'innovation broker' can be financed, up to € 10,000 subsidy per company. The other 50% you have to pay yourself.

For whom?

  • Companies that are already active in wind at sea but who want to expand their business with a new technological or business innovation.
  • Niche companies/specialists active in wind at sea and looking for partnerships/ consortia
  • Companies that are active in, for example, the Oil & Gas, Marine or Onshore Wind market, but want to expand their service to offshore wind.

You are eligible for a financial contribution if:

  • You are a starting or SME entrepreneur
  • You want to finance at least 50% of the fee of an innovation broker
  • Your product or service is innovative and contributes to cost reduction of offshore wind


If you want to make use use this opportunity, please contact Martin Weissmann first. After consultation, you can use this application form.

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