InnovatieLink opens Financieringsloket for entrepreneurs in the energy sector

From 1 July entrepreneurs in the energy sector in need of how and where they could find financing for their innovation, can contact the 'Financieringsloket'. These short consultations can be compared to a doctor visit: analysis, diagnosis and advice. InnovatieLink will provide this free service entrepreneurs in the topsector Energy.

Entrepreneurs working on innovations in offshore wind, urban energy, new gas, bioenergy and the industry can contact the desk. A specialized innovation manager will think along with entrepreneurs during 1 or 2 contact moments about their financing needs, discuss their investor readiness and, if necessary, refer them. The goal is to help entrepreneurs to find the right financing more easily and bring their innovation to the market faster.

Valorization hub

The Financieringsloket is part of a package of financial services that InnovatieLink executes as a "ValorisationHub" for the Top Sector Energy. In addition InnovatieLink organizes the Finance Masterclass for start-ups and scale-ups in the energy industry to gain insight into which financing instruments best suit their innovation. Furthermore, the InvestorDay is on the program where investors and innovative entrepreneurs get the opportunity to get in touch with each other.

You can reach the Financieringsloket at

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