Hydrogen turbine construction starts

The first construction phase of a hydrogen turbine starts in the Wieringermeer on the ECN Wind Turbine test field Wieringermeer. HYGRO is able to start construction with financing from Triodos Bank and sustainable investment institution Meewind. ENERCON supplies the wind turbine as part of the hydrogen turbine.

The project is part of “Duwaal”, a green hydrogen initiative with, amongst others Regional Development Agency NHN. This initiative aims to develop the green hydrogen distribution regionally. A hydrogen turbine is a wind turbine to which electrolysis is directly connected. Due to this integration, the turbine produces both electricity and green hydrogen.

First phase

This first phase entails the realisation of the wind turbine, and the completion of the project development of the hydrogen production system. The wind turbine is expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2021. During the project, the wind turbine and electrolysis are still physically separated, but will be aligned to each other. This alignment prevents conversion steps with its associated energy losses. This is an important step towards making green hydrogen affordable.

At the same time, it helps to relieve the already overloaded electricity grid in the region. Additionally it solves the storage problem of sustainable electricity.

For this project, ENERCON supplies a 4 MW turbine with a maximum height of 180 meters.

Hydrogen chain

Hugo Groenemans, CEO of HYGRO is delighted and proud to start construction. “We have been working on the green hydrogen production and distribution chain for some time. The preliminary phase was a challenge, as usual with innovations. This next step shows that other parties recognise the solution as well. Together with Triodos Bank and Meewind, we are starting the green hydrogen production and distribution chain.”

Wesley Vedder from Triodos Bank elucidates: “We have been a frontrunner in the financing of sustainable energy projects for years now. The financing of this hydrogen turbine is a logical next step to further accelerate the energy transition.”

Willem Smelik, director Meewind: “Meewind is convinced that sustainable (green) hydrogen is key for the energy transition in the Netherlands. This investment shows that we, together with our partners are taking the lead to enable the industry, as well as the mobility and agricultural sector to become an emission free sector. We look forward to the investment decision making process for the next phase of the project, aimed at developing a sustainable and local hydrogen chain.”

Green hydrogen

This project will also demonstrate that next to the avoided energy losses, the electrolysis system itself is significantly more efficient than is currently thought. Compared to the plans to connect large-scale electrolysis to the electricity grid, much more hydrogen can be generated with a hydrogen turbine, at a much lower cost.

Thanks to both the efficiency gain and the application of the green hydrogen in transport, a significant amount of CO2 emissions, noise, NOx and particulate matter emissions are prevented.

Source: Hygro

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