Five Offshore Wind Innovation Challenges announced!

The Netherlands are known for their strong innovation skills, knowledge and experience in the wind and offshore industry but lacking their own challenge.

The Offshore Wind Innovators Challenge is especially for the Dutch offshore wind market, Industry, start-ups and Students. The Challenge aims to make offshore wind more affordable, reliable and sustainable giving offshore wind the best position in the energy system for the Netherlands but also internationally.

Now Offshore Wind Innovators offers five challenges for the offshore wind sector. Look for more information and the competition letter below!


The aim of the challenge is: Connecting our Business Partners which are looking for out of the box solutions with; Innovators / Start-Ups / SME’s presenting the solution, the industry is looking for.

More information

For more information Offshore Wind Innovators now offers a competition letter and appendix.

For more information on the Innovation Challenge or participation, please send an email (with the apllication form filled in) to Erwin Coolen (

The five challenges

SeaZip is looking for the perfect fender. Although the fenders have been designed to last a long time, they seem more and more to be a wear and tear part instead of being an integral structure of the vessel.

TKI Wind op Zee would like to see a smart and new technological innovation to prevent bird impact and/or minimize disturbance. They are also interested in an innovative research design which improves monitoring and mitigate impact on specific bird species.

Gemini is looking for an innovative mobile analysis device or kit for oil or grease samples from wind turbines which is easy to use. This is because they have to take on a regular basis samples for analysis. During these tests there is quite some risk in the logistics and administration, leading to samples getting lost, contaminated or mixed up results.

Gemini could use a fully automated robotized torqueing device. As up to 1000 bolts in a turbine tower needs to be torqued. Flanges and bolts/nuts are very similar which enables the possibility to automate te task.

Gemini is also in search of a method to be able to inspect blades in the dark using drones.

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