Energy Talks&Drinks – Flatten the climate curve: the change towards sustainable and circular industries

Buccaneer Delft Paardenmarkt 1 Delft, 2611 PA Netherlands

The climate goals are clear: a 49% reduction in CO2 by 2030 and a 95-100% reduction by 2050. The industry has a 31% share of the current CO2 emissions and feels the pressure to become more sustainable. One way to reach these sustainability goals is the transition towards a circular economy. A big task for industries such as maritime and offshore, but not an impossible one. During the Energy Talks&Drinks on December 3 we will look into circularity within the maritime and offshore (energy) sector.

What does the maritime and offshore industry needs to do to become circular? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities? Who are the first movers to set the example?


Jan-Willem Kanters, Director at Cirkellab

Arnold Mulder, Sector Banker Energy at ABN AMRO

Henk Grunstra, Product Director Ferries at Damen Shipyards Group

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3 December 2020

17:30 - 19:00


Buccaneer Delft

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Dec 3, 2020 — Buccaneer Delft Paardenmarkt 1 Delft, 2611 PA Netherlands
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